Walking War Robots Hack

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Walking War Robots Hack
Do you love to play team battles and action packed multiplayer game? There are a lot of mobile games out there but here is a great one. Try to download and play this amazing game called Walking War Robots. A very addictive and excellent mobile game. This game will give you a great satisfaction of PVP battles and be the best War Machine you’ll ever be . In lieu with this, our majorcheats team will share to you the Walking War Robots Hack.
This Walking War Robots Hack tool that we’ve found can help you generate unlimited silver and gold. We all know that this resources can help you big-time on upgrading your robots and weapons. With this online  tool, you can add as many golds and silver as you want.
Our team also did some tests that this Walking War Robots Cheats is guaranteed to be working perfectly for both Android and iOS Devices, with or without root or jailbreak. The developers of this online tool also ensures that this tool is free from bugs and viruses. We also verified that this tool is untraceable and very safe on getting your game accounts ban.

List of Features available for Walking War Robots Hack Tool:

  • Generates unlimited gold and silver
  • The Walking War Robots Hack tool is perfectly working for any iOS or Android devices
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device
  • The cheat tool is virus free and supports online generator
  • As an added security feature, the tool is untraceable from any game account banns
walking war robots hack

How to use this Walking War Robots Hack tool:

  1. Download the Walking War Robots app from Google Store or App Store.
  2. Click the Online Generator button below for the Walking War Robots Hack.
  3. Select your device and connect
  4. Enter the amount of resources (gold, silver) that you need or would want to reflect into your game account.
  5. Start hacking.

Below are some tips on what Robots you should buy for Walking War Robots game:

  1. The first Robot should be GI. Patton. This robot can hold up light weapons which is perfect for building weapon six.
  2. Next Robot to consider is the BOA Robot. It’s really effective when it comes to close combat situation. This robot is fast and has a lot of HP.
  3. For the third Robot i will choose Griffin. One of the advantage of Griffin robot is that you can do a lot of weapon configurations for this robot.
  4. Next stop is the Rhino robot. Rhino robot is a very versatile robot. It’s a very similar to Griffin, i would say that this robot is a crossover of a Griffin Robot and a BOA. What makes it very versatile is that you can run many weapon configurations just like Griffin.
  5. The Last Robot will be the Rogatka. This Robot is one of the toughest and deadly robot in the game. We said deadly because it can use two medium weapons and it’s the fastest robot in its class. The best part is that it has a jumpability with 10 seconds cool down.

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