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TODAY’S RUMOUR: Mario Party 11 coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019?

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There is this news which is cirulating on all the websites. They say that there is a Mario Party 11 Switch is development. While all the fans of the popular character are happy to hear that, we advise to stop a little and think about it.

Mario Party 11 Switch
Mario Party 11 Switch

Do we really need a Mario Party game on the Nintendo Switch?

The short answer would be yes. This is a big series, with a big fanbase. If this comes out, there will be lots and lots of gamers out there who would like to continue their adventure. They all like to come to the Party. (see what we did here?)

We are also big fans of the franchise as a whole. So, if the news was to be true, we would be bursting in tears. Why? Because Mario is an old friend. We were invited to his very first party in Mario Party, back in the 90s. We were entertained, so we came back for more in the next title. And so on, until there were like 10 games with the words “Mario” and “Party” in our gaming inventory. What can we say? We like the little guy. And we would love to see him make a comeback in a potential Mario Party 11 Switch.

Is it too soon for a new game in the franchise?

This is a hard question for us. And we assume that it is hard for you too. You know, there is this joy of having a new game to play which we all enjoy and are looking forward to. Unfortunately, this in the reason why some games become from “potentially amazing” to “negative surprises”. Why is that? The gaming industry does not want to step back when it comes to new titles. We live in this century of speed where everybody wants the best things in the shortest amount of time. And gaming companies are aware of this. That’s why they want to keep up the titles coming at a fast pace. People want new games every year, but this can be very harmful for the gameplay.


The thing with Mario Party 10

If you are true fans of this type of games, you must have played already the latest title, which is Mario Party 10. If yes, then you should know that while it was a somehow good game, it didn’t haved a lot of features and…gameplay power, unlike older titles, a thing which was seen in the sales volume. We do not know if part of the disaster was the console it was launched on. It was the only Mario Party title launched on the Wii U. What we are trying to say is that if the developers really want to keep the franchise going…then they need to do something good.

Basically, Mario Party 11 Switch has to be the best title, with the best graphics and the best gameplay ever, if they want to reboot the series. And they really need to do this, because people really want to get back into it, but not with any cost. If the gameplay will not be good, they will sit back.Now, we will have to wait and see what the developers have in store for all the fans. Let’s hope it will be some good news.

When will Mario Party 11 Switch be released?

Well, if the rumours are true, then we will see the title coming in 2019. But, it depends on the plans the developers have. We will keep you updated so it is a wise thing to bookmark this page. Until next time, see ya.

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