Fortnite Android Apk Download

Fortnite Android Apk Download

Yes, we got it and we will give it to you. No need to beg us. If you arrived here, on our website, then this means that you deserve to have it, so you will have it, don’t worry. If you do not know what are we talking about, then you should look at the title of this article. Have you looked at it? Do you understand now what the fuss is about? Fine, this is a good thing. Now we can proceed. But, let’s see you this: if you are in a hurry and you simply do not have the time to read the entire article, we got a solution. We will leave below a Fortnite Android Apk Download button. If you click on it, you will get…the Android version of this game, Fortnite, before everybody else.

Fortnite Android Apk Download

The Fortnite Android version has arrived!

Some of you may now be thinking: “What are those guys talking about?”. Well, the thing is that Android users get the games later than people with iPhones. Why is this? We do not know. But, what we know is that if you are reading this, you will be able to play Fortnite on your Android smartphone at the same time with the persons who got their new iPhone.

Yes, you read that right. If you were thinking that this is bad and that you will have to wait a few more things until you will see your favourite characters on your Android smartphones screen, then stop it. There is no need for that now, as you will be getting this version from the Fortnite Android Apk Download button above.

In this amazing article, we will talk about a very nice game. A game which managed to gather around it a global fanbase, which enjoys every single second spent within it. It is a big deal, because nowadays, it is hard to build a fanbase from scratch. But, this game seems to have that little something, which helped it acquire this. In the next part of the article, we will start talking about the game and at the same time, we will try to see what is so special about it. Are you ready? You should get some snacks and a drink maybe, because we believe it will be a long article.

Fortnite Android Apk Download
Fortnite Android Apk Download

What is Fortnite?

This game is a total hit when we are writing this article. It appeared out of nowhere and it destroyed everything. It excedeed everybody’s expectations and it became a game which everybody wants to play day and night. Now, let’s get into some tehnical details about it.

Fortnite was developed by Epic Games, a very nice company, which has nice projects. Of course, this is probably their biggest yet, but you should check out their previous work, too. Who knows? If you like to play Fortnite that much, you may find another hidden gems within their projects. If this happens, then please let us know in the comments section below. By the way, if you are lazy and you do not want to type their name in the search bar, we tell you that you can find out everything about them from their website.

A little bit of Fortnite facts

After a lot of ahrd work and a lot of tests made to prevent the game from having bugs, the game was launched on July 25th 2017. But, wait. We want you to be able to divide the information you receive. So, probably right now a lot of you are thinking something like “What?! The game was live on smartphones for an entire year and I found out about it that late?”. And if this happens for you, then you should take a breath and relax. This thing is not true. Yes, the game was launched on the date above. But not for smartphones. Players are able to enjoy the Fortnite for smartphone version in 2018.

As you are probably aware, right now, the game is available only for iOS users. This is the official statement. But, fear not! We got the Fortnite Android Apk Download button above, where you can get the game for Android from too. Basically, this is the reason why we are telling you these and also the reason why we are writing this article: to help you learn how to play Fornite on Android. Because yes, it is possible to do it at the same time with iPhone users, even if you think the opposite.

Let’s get back on the Fortnite Android Apk Download button above and what it provides

But, getting back on point with the series of information about Fortnite, the game launched last year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems. In a nutshell, it was developed as a desktop game. But, giving the success, the developers thought that it would be good if they would get the team together to work at the Fortnite smartphone versions for Android and iOS. Of course, the first version lanched is the Fortnite iOS version. After some time, the Fortnite Android version will be launched too, officially. But, until then, if you are looking forward to playing the game on your smartphone, which is running on Android, then use the Fortnite Android Apk Download button above. It is the fastest way to enjoy trhe gameplay which is so popular at the moment of writing.

Yes, we know that this is not the only way. If you like, you can simply wait until the Fortnite Android version will officially come to Android. It seems like it will take a bit until then, unfortunately. We read about this here. Yeah, so you can always wait. But let’s get those things straight: it will not be good for you. When you will go and meet with all your friends and they will start talking about the game, you will feel depressed.

“Hey, John, have you seen this amazing new feature they added on Fortnite for mobile?”


“But w…Oh, I remember. You have an Android smartphone. Sorry, bro. But I can’t be any less happy about this game. It is so exciting and so fun to play it.”

Do you want lots of your conversation with your friends to start with something like this? If yes, then go ahead and wait. But if you were to ask us, we would not be able to wait any longer. Because every second in whuich you lose the chance to click on the Fortnite Android Apk Download button above is a second in which you are not able to enjoy the Fortnite gameplay everybody likes.