Pokemon Sun Moon Rom

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Pokemon Sun Moon Rom

Everybody knows that the next titles in the well-known Pokemon game franchise are Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, right? Those games have been highly anticipated since the shocking reveal that there will be no Pokemon Z, the sequel which every pokemon fan awaited.

Pokemon Sun Moon Rom

As you know, those games will come on November 18th in the United States and then, after some days, on 23rd November in Europe.  Even if there are some months left until this release, fans have already begun searching for the Pokemon Sun Moon Rom.


  1. They do not have a 3DS. We have to be honest: this console is not the cheapest thing to buy,  but you need it, if you want to play the games.

2. They have a 3DS, but they don’t have money to buy Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon.

Regardless of the reason of the search, you will be happy to read those next words: if you keep reading, you will know how to get the Pokemon Sun Moon Rom.  Yup, you read that well. This article can be the most important thing to read, if you want to start your adventure in Alola without having to spend money for a 3DS or for the game itself.

If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you are interested into what we have to say. But, first, let’s talk about those games, about what they have to offer to the fanbase.

Some fans thought that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will come to a new console, not on 3DS.

Fortunately, they were not right. And this is good news, because usually, games which are the first to appear on a new console are not that shaped, not that good, because, you know…it’s the first try.

Look at Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. They were the first games available on 3DS and while we can’t say that they are not good game, we still have to tell you that they coul have been better. Fortunately, there is a huge difference between Pokemon X and Pokemon Y and Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The last ones are well-shaped and the design of the environment is superior to the one of the first ones. if you don’t believe us, simply look at the first trailer of Pokemon XY and then look at the first trailer of Pokemon SunMoon. See? The environment of those new games is beautiful and we believe you will enjoy it after you get the Pokemon Sun Moon Rom from us.

Now…let’s talk about the important aspect of every new game from this franchise: the pokemon you encounter in the region. This time, we will travel to Alola, a tropical region which is based off Hawaii. And there…we will have to choose from 3 starter pokemon: Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. Yes, yes, we are aware of the fact that you know this, but we had to write all this for newer players who may not know this.

But…even the starters are unique. We mean…we have a grass/flying bird, a fire cat and a water sea lion. Rowlet seems to be the favourite starter, followed by Litten and Popplio. Regarding this…did you know that the hate for the water-type pokemon is not a new thing? In case you are new to Pokemon and the two games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be your first meeting with the poke world, you can’t know that Popplio is not the first hated water-type pokemon.

Unfortunately, this happens quite often, but don’t worry if you are a Popplio fan, because sometimes, this hate can be a good thing for the pokemon. Why? Well, let’s take a recent example: Froakie. When they revealed the starters for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Fenekkin was the favourite and Froakie the least favourite. People expected Fenekkin to evolve into some super monstruous awesome beast with four legs, but…look how that came out: when they revealed the final evolutions, Fenekkin dropped in popularity, but guess who raised in popularity later. Exactly, Froakie.  Greninja is now the popular starter and we think that the same thing will happen to Popplio.

When they will reveal the second evolution, Popplio will become the favourite starter. Mark our words! This can also happen, because Popplio may become the first Water/Fairy starter, which is a unique typing.  Which will be your starter? Get the Pokemon Sun Moon Rom and start playing.

You will see a lot of new pokemon with typings you’ve never seen before. You will see a lot of new pokemon with amazing abilities, which will change the metagame.

But that’s not all! The new features will bring even more awesomeness to the gameplay. For example, we have the Battle Royale. Here, you fight, together with 3 other players. Every player can have 3 pokemon and the fight ends when only 1 player has a pokemon remained. Basically, it is something like “All or nothing”. It will bring some new ways of battling, because you have to think which is the best way to be friends with someone, so that person will attack other person, not you, and then, you have to think how you can win against that person. Get right now the Pokemon Sun Moon Rom and begin your adventure!

You know all those HMs, right? HMs like Cut, Dive, Surf. Well, they will be back in those games and, with the upgrades graphics, it will be a pleasure to use them. Those are not the only things about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. There are some features which you can’t think of…because they are impossible at first sight. We can’t write about them. At least, not in this article and not now. You can see and try all of them, if you download the Pokemon Sun Moon Rom.

Thank you for reading this. We hope that you know all the important information about the rom you are about to get. Are you ready? If yes, then get the Pokemon Sun Moon Rom.

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