Pokemon Red Cheats

Pokemon Red Cheats

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Are you a fan of Pokémon? If so, there is a good chance that you’ve already played Pokémon Red. The game is incredibly fun but difficult from time to time. The good news is that there are plenty of cheats that can help. Below, you will discover the overall best Pokemon Red Cheats!

Pokemon Red Cheats

Dealing With Toxic Damage

If you are a Pokémon player, you already know that poisoning is something that you will have to deal with from time to time. Unfortunately, the effects of toxic or poison can be extremely detrimental to your health. It can take anywhere from 1/16, 1/8, to 3/16 of your maximum health points. If you want to be ahead of the game, then just use some cheats from the Pokemon Red Cheats we provide. Click on the Download Now button above and download those cool cheats, which will make your journey easy.

However, you can reduce the amount of damage that your Pokémon takes by simply switching it out with another. When you bring the poisoned Pokémon back into play he will only take 1/8-damage, which could extend his life.

Always Bring A Backup Bike in Pokemon Red Cheats

Did you know that you could load your bike onto your computer at any Pokémon Center? How is this helpful? Well, it will allow you to carry two bikes at all times. By taking advantage of this technique, you will now have one bike on your computer and one in your bag.

Take Advantage Of The Leech Seed’s Absorption Boost

Leech Seed is an extremely popular and tactical move, as it can absorb 1/16 of a target’s health points and use it to heal the user of the move by the same amount. However, by taking advantage of the effects of toxin you can actually increase this absorption damage. To do this, you must first badly damage your target with toxin then use Leech Seed on them. This will allow the user to regain the 1/16, then 1/8, 3/16, and eventually 1/4-health points from the damaged target. Keep in mind that toxin will still be affecting the foe as well, so you are not only stealing their HP, but you are damaging them with toxin at the same time.

Get On The Cycling Road Without A Bike

You can take advantage of the cycling road without actually having a bicycle. All you have to do is hold down the left button when the guard pops up warning you about having a bicycle before entering the cycling road. If you already have a bicycle in your bag or PC this technique will still work. By holding down the left button when the guard pops up, you will bypass the guard and enter the cycling road, which will automatically place you on a bike. If you want to have a bike from the very beginning of the game, we got you. You simply need to use some Pokemon Red Cheats from the ones we provide and you are ready to go.

Cloning Your Pokémon in Pokemon Red Cheats

Pokemon Red Cheats
Pokemon Red Tool

In order to perform this neat little glitch, you will need 2 Gameboys and a link cable. Just keep in mind that this glitch has been known to accidentally delete others user’s saved data.

This glitch can come in handy if you have a Pokémon on one game, but not on the other. However, in order to successfully perform this glitch you are going to need a Pokémon on one of your games that is expendable, as it will get replaced with your newly cloned Pokémon. Choose a lower level one that can easily be found again. To perform this glitch all you have to do is hook up your 2 Gameboys with the link cable and enter a trade.

Once you enter the trade, go ahead and swap the bad Pok√©mon for the good Pok√©mon, but at the end of the trade when the screen flashes and displays ‚Äú waiting‚Ķ. ‚Äú The individual that had the good Pok√©mon should immediately shut off their game or pull out the link cable. Just keep in mind that you must shut off the power or pull the pull before ‚Äútrade complete‚ÄĚ comes up or this glitch won‚Äôt work.

If you successfully executed this glitch both of your games will now be loaded with the good Pokémon. It will be as if the trade didn’t go through on the individual’s Gameboy with the good Pokémon, and it will be as if the trade did go through on the individual’s Gameboy that had the bad Pokémon.

Avoid Drain Damage With Substitute Glitch

On the Japanese versions of Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, Crystal, and Siler, there is a glitch that allows you to avoid all drain damage. The glitch involves substitute and it doesn’t matter the accuracy of the drain attack, this substitute glitch will guarantee you a 100% miss.

Evolving Your Pokémon Without Using Stones

Pokemon Red Cheats

Evolving your Pokémon with fire stones, leaf stones, moon stones, and thunder stones can be quite the task. Luckily, there is a glitch that will give you the exact stones that you need to advance. This glitch will only be executable on Pokémon that have the same internal ID number that is equal to the number that they need to evolve. Once you have a Pokémon with equal numbers, go ahead and send him into battle as the lead.

During your first move switch out the lead Pokémon with a Pokémon that you do not need to evolve (It does matter which Pokémon you switch him out with). When this Pokémon destroys your foe, if the shared experience makes the stone-needing Pokémon level up, it will also evolve at the same time. However, it does matter which Pokémon you substitute with the lead Pokémon.

-Thunderstone evolution, you must win the battle with Growlithe
-Moonstone evolution, you must win the battle with Exeggutor
-Water stone evolution, you must win the battle with Onix
-Leaf stone evolution, you must win the battle with Psyduck
-Firestone evolution, you must win the battle with a Missingno

If you use the Pokemon Red Cheats, you will be able to get any Pokemon, without those items. So, what are you waiting for?

How To Use Hyper Beam Recharge Glitch

Any time a Pokémon has used hyper beam and is frozen during his recharging turn, you can utilize this glitch. Of course, you can always use haze to thaw out the frozen Pokémon, but this will always leave them recharging from their hyper beam, which means it or the trainer pretty much can’t do anything until the battle is over. However, you can capitalize on this by healing across the entire parts, which gives you massive stats boosts and eventually kills the opposing Pokémon.

Becoming Invulnerable

The invulnerable glitch can only be executed when your Pokémon is up in the air getting ready to use the fly attack. While in the air, if your Pokémon is paralyzed he will become invulnerable. This glitch will last until you successfully use the fly or dig attack again, you switch Pokémon, the Pokémon faints, or the battle is over. Then again, if you want to destroy every single player which gets in your way, a simple cheat from our Pokemon Red Cheats list will make you unstoppable in this amazing game.

Avoid Burn/Paralysis

Burn and paralysis are two effects that you will have to deal with from time to time, and they can really have a negative effect on your Pokémon. When you are under burn damage your attack power will be cut in half. When you are under the paralysis effect your speed will be cut in half. However, if you are burned and use swords dance, you can avoid the negative stat loss. If you are under paralysis, simply use agility and it will cause your Pokémon to avoid the negative stat loss. If you do not want your Pokemon to get burned or paralysed, use some Pokemon Red Cheats.

Get Back On The S.S. Anne

Did you enjoy your time on the S.S. Anne? Unfortunately, when you get so far along in the game you can‚Äôt get back on it. Well, with this glitch you now can. To execute this glitch you will need a Pok√©mon that knows the surfing skill. Make sure that you have the Pok√©mon with you and approach the guy that says, ‚ÄúThe ship has set sail‚ÄĚ. When you approach him you expect to be diagonally from him. What you want to do is get right in front of him and save your game. After successfully saving turn the Gameboy off and then back on.

After loading your game, you would want to access the surf Pokémon and hold the down button. You should now be surfing on top of your Pokemon friend. Once you are surfing on top of it go ahead and just press down this time and you should now be inserted onto the ship. If you want thing to be simplier, then you just need to use the Pokemon Red Cheats. This way, you will be able to get to any point and any in-game location easily.

How To Easily Catch Safari Zone Pokémon

To easily catch a safari zone Pokémon, you want to enter the zone and wander around until you encounter the rare and hard-to-catch Pokémon that you are looking for. Once you find the Pokémon that you want to follow the guide below to easily capture it.

1 ‚Äď Once you encounter the Pok√©mon you want, run away from it and immediately use dig, escape rope, fly, teleport, or any skill that will quickly get you out of the safari zone.

2 ‚Äď After escaping the safari zone you want to surf down to the Seafoam Islands from Fushia City. (Repel can come in extremely handy, as it will help you avoid any enemies that you might run into).

3 ‚Äď From this point, you want to surf up and down the East Coast of Seafoam, making sure that you staying on the very edge so that your Pok√©mon is half on land and half on the water.

4 ‚Äď You will eventually encounter a Pok√©mon and it should be the last one that you saw in the safari zone.
Keep in mind that during this encounter it is a good idea to use the infinite item glitch. That is so you get tons of master balls, don’t risk killing your prey, or you don’t die from it. This is why a glitch or a cheat from the Pokemon Red Cheats list above is useful. It saves you some time and it gets you closer to your ultimate goal of becoming a Pokemon Master.

Losing To Sabrina In Saffron City Gym (Japanese Red And Green Version)

This glitch will only work on the Japanese red and green versions. It is a neat little trick if you lost the initial encounter with Sabrina in Saffron City Gym. All you have to do is just return and speak with her and she will act as if you had won the encounter. She will give to the badge and TM for Psywave just are would normally get if you had originally won the encounter.

Take Advantage Of The Struggle Glitch

You are probably familiar with the move struggle. It usually replace Pokemon moves which are at 0 PP. So, when you Pokemon is out of PP for all of its moves, Struggle will appear. This move is pretty much intended to be a typeless move. But, in these games, it gets mistaken as a Normal-type move. This pretty much means when utilizing a Ghost-type Pokémon if you take advantage of this move nothing will be able to hurt you. If you want to take advantage of this, use some Pokemon Red Cheats.

Use The Surfing Glitch (Japanese Red, Blue, And Green Only)

Did you know that in the Red, Blue, and Green Japanese versions of Pokémon you could start surfing from the north tile of Cliffside? This is extremely handy when it comes to navigating the Seafoam Islands. Why is that? Well, because it allows you to easily located Articuno and bypass the extremely high-speed currents. In addition to this, you won’t have to deal with those aggravating boulder puzzles, if you use the Pokemon Red Cheats.

Celadon Department Store Vending Machine Glitch

If you have already made it to the Celadon Department Store, you have probably noticed several different vending machines. These machines sell fresh water, soda pop, and lemonade. Freshwater costs $200, soda pop costs $300 and the lemonade costs $350. If you only have enough money to purchase the fresh water, you can still actually buy the soda pop or lemonade. Just simply make the transaction as you normally would. However, after purchasing the items your money will be depleted after the transaction. But, but, but…if you use some cheats from the Pokemon Red Cheats list, you will get those for free.

Cut’s Handy Secondary Effect

You have probably already utilized Cut many times to carve out a path through many forest areas. However, you might not be aware of cut’s secondary effect. If you are standing in the grassy area, simply utilize Cut. After your Pokemon cuts the grass, you won’t encounter any Pokémon in the spots where he cut. Unfortunately, the grass will reset once you head from this area and return. This will happen if you play normally. But, if you use the Pokemon Red Cheats, what you cut, will stay cut.

How To Acquire A Diploma using the Pokemon Red Cheats

Many people have been wondering how to acquire the diploma. Well, all you have to do is capture 150 Pokémon. After you do this, go visit the designer is the mansion located in Celedon City. If you do not have the time for this, do not worry. We got you. Using the Pokemon Red Cheats we provide, you will get the diploma without losing time capturing all the Pokemon.

Boosting Damage Based On Your Level

Did you know that some of your Pokémon, regardless of their levels could potentially deal the same damage or even more as higher level Pokémon? For instance, Pokémon that have levels that end in 0, 3, 5, or 8 have a damage boost of 3%. So, if you have a Pokémon at level 98 and one at level 99, the level 98 Pokémon could potentially deal the same or higher damage as the level 99 thanks to the 3% boost. Get 100% Accuracy Boost With X Accuracy or by using some Pokemon Red Cheats. It is up to you if you want to take the normal route or not.

In the game X Accuracy you will have a 100% hit rate until you switch Pokémon or until you are KO’d. Even when you utilize one-hit KO moves like horn drill or Guillotine, you can literally KO every opponent you come across. Simply, use an X Accuracy and spam these moves and you will be unstoppable.


These are truly the best cheats for Pokémon Red in 2019. They’ll give you an advantage over the competition and help ensure that your Pokémon are tough and ready to destroy their enemies in Pokemon Red. Basically, you will become the Pokemon Master without effort. Isn t this amazing? If you liked the article, share it. Of course, if you want no one else to know those, keep this article for yourself. But, at least, give us a Like on Facebook.

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