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The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom is here!index

Have you heard of the Hoenn region? If you are a Pokemon fan, the answer should be YES. Also, you should know that this region that 99% of the fanbase of this franchise loved is returning in 3D, in the new games for 3DS.

One of this games is Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. It features a new version of Kyogre, the mascot, named Primal Kyogre. The mysterious process of this kind of evolution will be explained in the game.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom

And now, let’s face it. Not all of us have the money to buy Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and a 3DS. But we all want to play this awesome game. “So what should we do?” you may ask yourselves. The answer is simple: get the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom from us and play the game on your PC! You know you are able to play games from DS or 3DS on your PC, right? But…you didn’t know you are able to get the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom, until now, when you are reading this article. Basically, you’ve just found out this amazing thing, right?omega-ruby-alpha-sapphire-screenshot-2-6

P.S: You will need a 3DS Emulator to use the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom.

Download it, install it, set it up and then get back here. Then, get back here!

So, are you ready to return to Hoenn? Are you ready to fight with your starter? Which pokemon will you choose as your starter? Will it be Torchic, Mudkip or Treeko?

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire RomIt simply doesn’t matter. All of them are equally strong so, the only thing to keep in mind when you choose your partner is to like it. Yes, you read it well. If you like it, choose it! And that’s it! But, wait…

In Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom this partner will be able to mega evolve! Yes, yes! So, your first partner will be more powerful than ever before! As you know, Treeko evolves all the way to Sceptile, Torchic evolves all the way to Blasiken and Mudkip evolves all the way to Swampert. Those are their last forms. But not in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom! Here, they are able to MEGA EVOLVE.

Sceptile will mega evolve into…

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire RomMEGA SCEPTILE. It becomes part Dragon and it has a new ability!

Swampert will mega evolve into…

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom

MEGA SWAMPERT. It is a beast, isn’t it?

Blaziken mega evolves into…

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom

MEGA BLAZIKEN. You already know it from Pokemon XY Rom. But this does not mean it is not as awesome as the other two starters.

So, guys, we won’t keep you anymore. We told you some words about this awesome rom which you are able to get for free from us.

(Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom)

But…we won’t tell you everything about this Rom. We’ll leave it below. So, all you need to do is to get it from there.

Well, you know everything about this. Basically, you are ready to go.


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