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Mario Party-e ROM

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Well, hello there Mario fans! We are glad to tell you that we have something which you may like. In case title has not spoiled the surprise yet, we are talking about the Mario Party-e Rom. Yes, you read that correctly. We give you the possibility to play this amazing game right here and right now. Before we get into all the details in the following sentences, we have to tell you something.

We usually get into a lot of details while we talk about the games we love. And in case you haven’t understood this yet, we are big, but big Mario fans. This means that this particular article will probably be long. And we know that time is money for some of you. That’s why, we will give you a solution. If you do not have the time or the will to read this article about a game from the Mario Party series entirely, then here’s what you can do. Below, you will see a pretty big Downlod button. If you click on it, you will be able to get the Mario Party-e Rom. All the fileds will be there. Everything in just one place, because we assume you do not want several links or several places.

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Mario Party-e ROM

So, yeah. As you see, above this text, there is this big Download button, which we advise you to use, if you want to get the rom. Ok, so now that we settled this thing, let us continue this article with details about the this amazing game, which is Mario Patry-e. We will try to get into all the aspects of this so that everybody will understand what this is all about.

Mario Party-e’s History

This game was launched on Game Boy Advance. Ah, the good old times. How many of you remember this gaming console? It was a good one, but there are new ones now, so its fanbase has decreased. But, strange enough, there are still some vetarn who play different games even today. Anyways, this is not the subject of this article. Let’s get back to the point.

We want to tell you the release date for this game. It is February 18, 2003. Can you imagine that? Some of you may not even be born when this game came out. Don’t take us as rude persons, but this is a fact. This game was a little bit exclusive, because it was not released in Australia and Europe.

Mario Party-e game modes

In this game, you are able to play in different modes. There is the 2v2 mode, the 3v3 mode and also the 4v4 mode. The first mode requires a number of 58 cards, the second mode requires 61 cards and the last requires 64 cards to be able to play.

After the players decide the way in which they will play the game, each gets 5 cards in their hands. After those are shared, all the others cards will be put in the face-down position back in the deck. A very nice thing related to this party game and the Mario Party-e Rom is who starts the game. There is a big rule, which nobody can deny while playing this game. Basically, the youngest player is the one who always starts the game. After this, the things go clockwise.

Now, that you know how the game starts, let’s see how it usually ends. There are some requirements. The winner is the first player who has a range of cards in his or her hand. Those are Superstar’s Shoes, Clothes and Hat.

Besides those requirements, the player also has to place the Superstar Card. If he or she does not do thid particular thing, there will not be a win. So, you see? We need to say that the gameplay is not that boring as you may have initially thought. There is more than one requirement to win. And this adds to the excitement.

Card types in Mario Party-e

There are several types of cards in this game. As you may know, each is different not just by name, but also by its effect.

The first card type we would like to talk about is the coin card. There is a total of 24 coin cards and they are useful, because some cards require this type of cards to be in-play to be usable. So, basically… you got no coin card, you got no other card. Well, not in all the cases, but you got the points. That’s why you should keep a eye on those coin cards, if you decide to start playing.

The second card type we will discuss is the item card. Those are: Superstar’s Hat, then Superstar’s Shoes and Superstar’s Clothes. If you want to place any of those card in the In-Card Play, you need to pay 2 coins.

Another type of cards from Mario Party-e is the superstar card. There is a total number of 4 such cards and they are very important. Basically, if you get the Mario Party-e Rom and you want to win a game, you will surely need a card ike this.

Then, we have the search cards. If you have them, you can search the deck or discard pile and exchange the cards with some hand cards.


Was Mario Party-e well received by the public?

The short answer is yes. Mario Party-e was appraised for its simplicity. Some of us do not play a game if it it too complicated. The developers knew this and they wanted this to be a simple game, thing which also helped the sales.  So, yeh, if you want to play an easy game, but with fun gameplay, you should get the Mario Party-e Rom. At that time IGN gave an 8 as the game’s mark. In case you were wondering, this is pretty good. Almost all the characters, such as Super Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and the other were present.

But, because we do not want to see us as subjective, we will also tell you a bad part. Some said that the lack od booster pack was a disadvantage. And we gree to that. Just imagine if there were a lot more cards and you had the possibility to get booster packs with rare cards. It would have been amazing. Even with this, the game is still pretty fun, so you will probably not feel this.

Fun facts about Mario Party-e

Now, we would like abpout some trivia abput this game. There are some things which makes this special and we will name it below:

  1. It was the first time for Daisy to appear in a Game Boy Advance physical form and this is a big thing for thie character.
  2. And speaking of appearances…let’s tell you about someone who was not present. Do you know that this is the first game in which Toad was not a character?

So, this is it people. Now all of you who read this article have some knowledge about this Nintendo game. If you liked what you read, you can get the Mario Party-e Rom and play it. It is up to you if you want to do this, to play this retro game or you want to return to a modern age game, with good graphics and stuff like that. Thank you for your attention and if you liked the article, do not forget to share it on your social networks.



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