Mario Party Advance Rom

Mario Party Advance Rom

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Mario Party Advance Rom is the subject of today’s article. If you think it will be interesting and you also want to play it, keep reading below. Thank you!

Today is a new day, so we have a new rom. A rom for all the Mario lovers out there and we knot there are lots. In today’s article, we would like to talk about a Mario Party title which was pretty popular when they launched it. It is not one of the main titles, so to say. It is something of a spin-off or something. But, instead of trying to tell you what exactly it is, we will do something else. We will tell you the name. Its name is Mario Party Advance Rom and we will try to write an advanced review below.

Mario Party Advance Rom

Mario Party Advance – The Story

This title is special. As some of you, hardcore fans may already know, this is the seventh party we go to. And, at the same time, it is the first game from the Mario Party series which is handheld. So, all in all, it is not a forgetful title. It appeared on Game Boy Advance, a console which at the moment of writing is pretty much…dead. But, do not worry. There are lots of fans out there who still use theirs. Because when something is good…it remains good. Yes, we know that nowadays, we got better game consoles. We got the PS4, we got the Xbox One and then we also got the Nintendo Switch.

All those represent better choices in terms of graphcis and stuff. But remember something: if it weren’t for the Game Boy Advance and its buddies, we wouldn’t have those new and amazing ways of playing games. So, shut up.

Getting back on point with the Mario Party Advance Rom. The story takes us in Shroom City. There, a lot of the popular characters from this franchise appear. We can count the brothers, Yoshi and Princess Peach. They have a very specific mission in that city. They need to collect the Gaddgets and also some minigames, items which fell from the Party World. So, yeah…they are not on vacation. They need to search those across the city. And it is not an easy mission to collect those. They need to start talking with the citizens, because some of them may know the locations of a few Gaddgets. But, at the same time, the team needs to help those to stop Bowser, which, as you know, is a bad guy.

Mario Party Advance Release

Mario Party Advance Rom
Mario Party Advance Rom

The game was published by Nintendo and developed by Hudson Soft. It has some aspects which are particular to it. For example, among other games, it is the only one which is single player for most of the gameplay. So, if you are that type of lonely player, then you should really play this Mario title. Who knows? You may even like it. Yeah, yeah, you may be thinking that the game is too old for your gaming needs…But you are wrong.

Even if the game came out almost 14 years ago, it is still a fun little game to spend you spare time on, do not worry. Of course, if you have at your disposal new games, such as Assassin Creed or GTA, playing the Mario Party Advance Rom may sound a little bit silly. Choosing an old game over a new game is not something which happens frequently. But…when you are out of options or you are running out of money, this little game is your best friend, believe us.

Mario Party Advance Gameplay

So, let s talk about the gameplay. As you know, this is one of the most important aspects of a game. This is why we will dedicate a whole section of the article to it. Getting back to the subject, we can tell you that in this game, you have lots of possibilities. You can play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or even Yoshi. Just like in various previous games of the franchise, you are the driver of a car which is moving around a party board. You will begin with baby steps. In other words, you will only get four mushrooms. Throughout the game, you will get have the possibility to gather a lot more.

Mario Party Advance Reception

Although we believe this is a good game, it seems that almost nobody agrees. There are several review on the Internet and almost none of them are positive. For example, IGN stated the following:

“Mario Party Advance is the black sheep of the Mario Party series. This handheld version forwent the classic style of four players collecting stars and coins in favor of a single player focused mode. The heart of the Mario Party series lies in its multiplayer, so while this new approach brought a few interesting ideas, it never achieved what made all the other games so enticing.”



So, from what we understand, the hate comes from the fact that the game was not exciting enough. Although it provied something new, it did not manage to appeal too much from variour reasons. People from IGN believe that the heart of the Mario games and franchise as a whole is represented by the ability to play multiplayer. So, given the fact that Mario Party Advance is based on single player, we now know why almost nobody seems to like this game.

Mario Party Advance Rom

Even if there are lots of people who do not like this game, it simply does not mena that it is a bad game. There were several times when we camre across a game which everybody hated and we loved it. And we are pretty sure you know what we are talking about. This is why we recommend to give this game a try. If you want to do this, simply download the Mario Party Advance Rom from the button above and you are ready to go.

Do not forget that you can find us on Facebook.  Until next time, see ya. Oh and by the way…if you love Mario, but you eventually ill not like Mario Party Advance, do not worry. You will still find something to play on our website. We got the Mario Party Rom, together with its first and second sequel.

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