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Mario Party 3 ROM

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There are different games in this world. Some of them are not that good, so they only have one title. But, if the gameplay is bold and the characters are amazing, then there are big chances that respective game will have another title. In other words, it will get a sequel. This was the case with Mario Party. After a successful first title, it managed to pull another one, which was called Mario Party 2. Some said at the time that it was the end. That the developers will not make another one.  Fortunately for all the Mario fans, they were wrong. A third title in the franchise came and it was a hit.

The game was called Mario Party 3 and we will talk about it in the following sentences. We know that you arrived here, because you want to get a Mario Party 3 Rom. And do not worry. There is a Download button below. If you are in a rush, go there and get your rom. But, if you want to remember some things about the game itself, keep reading.

Even if you are a new user and it will be the first time for you, you should read the entire article. This way, you will start the game with some knowledge, which will probably be helpful. Now, let’s stop teasing what we will talk about. So, we will discuss about all the things that make Mario Party 3 a good game. That good that you searched on some search engines a rom for it. Are you ready? Get some popcorn, because it may be a long read. What we can tell you is that it will be worth the effort.


Mario Party 3 –  Good gameplay and unlimited joy

Mario Party 3 Rom is the third title of the Mario Party series, and the last one for the Nintendo 64. In this game, we have the Millennium Star, who replaces Toad as the host. The most eminent change is that players are able to hold up to three things rather than only one. The diversion incorporates 70 new minigames, and also an element novel to the Mario Party arrangement: duel sheets, on which two players battle each other utilizing accomplices. The diversion is additionally the primary amusement in the Mario Party arrangement to have a performance mode story crusade. All those new things were very good for the series, because they added a lot of excitement. So, naturally, they generated a lot more sales.

Download the Mario Party 3 ROM files below

Download the Mario Party 3 ROM files

Story and Objective:

In Battle Royale Mode, players need to get as many Stars as they can. A star is 20 coins. If you wanted to be respected in school, you needed to get high scores and a lot of Starts. Does anybody remember those times? The times when a single game was able to connect so many children. Some of us even got new friends because of the games with Mario. And we believe this is a good reason for you to get the Mario Party 3 Rom: to relive those moments.

In Duel Mode, players need to vanquish their rival with their accomplices. Every player begins with five heart pieces. And using those, the player needs to show off his skills against other persons. You must be very good to hold your own against all the other Mario players and you really need to be the absolute best, if you want to win the fights.

In Story Mode, a solitary player must fight his or her approach to gain the rank of Super Star. To do this, they should fill their stamp card with Star Stamps. The Star Stamps are Wit, Kindness, Strength, Love, Courage, Beauty, and Mischief. The pattern the diversion will take after is Battle Royale, Duel, Battle Royale, Duel; and this proceeds until the point that the player’s next goal is to gain the Beauty Star Stamp. Now, the player plays a Duel against Daisy, trailed by a last Battle Royale on Waluigi’s Island.

Millennium Star

For the Millennium Star, his unique arrangement was to have a straight gone through of seven (since there are seven Star Stamps) Battle Royale Boards. Notwithstanding, when the Millennium Star is going to stamp the player’s stamp card, another character erupts from the stronghold and say they merit this. The two contend, and Millennium Star chooses to go to a Duel Board. The player wins (they should to proceed) and the other character flees in dissatisfaction. After the stamp is gotten, the following Star Stamp is appeared and another Battle Royale starts.

At the point when the Beauty Star Stamp is uncovered however, Daisy shows up before a Battle Royale could even start. The Millennium Star notices it, yet Daisy pauses dramatically causing the Millennium Star to begin to look all starry eyed at her and offers her the Beauty Star Stamp. The player says it isn’t reasonable and the two contend. The Millennium Star recaptures cognizance and says they will go to Backtrack to settle it. Abruptly, Bowser shows up and tries to take the stamp however Daisy swats him away in one blow. After the player routs Daisy, she mopes and flees. Tumble states Daisy said she never lost, not to her dad. The player at that point gets the Beauty Star Stamp.

Mischief Star Stamp

The Mischief Star Stamp is now available. However then Bowser shows up and unwittingly sends it flying into the stronghold. He announces the player must fight him to gain it. Everybody sees it is gone, and Waluigi leaves the palace with the stamp caught in a pen. Waluigi and Bowser battle each other, however amazingly, Waluigi won. He advises the player they will go to Waluigi’s Island. Bowser advises the player to retaliate for him for what happened. Albeit long time adversaries, the player noiselessly concurs and pursues Waluigi. After the two finish fighting, Waluigi is beating the floor in dissatisfaction shouting he won’t overlook what happened.

In spite of winning every one of the stamps, the Millennium Star announces there is one individual left the player must fight. So, this is a big surprise. Instead of some relax, the player needs to get ready for a fight. A fight which will be even harder than what he fought up to this point in Mario Party 3 Rom. The player is seen considering every option of who would it be able to be. Both the player and Tumble are astounded when the Millennium Star shouts the player must annihilation him in Stardust Battle to win.

At the point when the player massacres him, they make a request to be the best hotshot in the universe (despite the fact that responsibility for Millennium Star was the first offer). The Millennium startles everybody conceding he isn’t the genuine Millennium Star and takes off in disgrace. The player drops to the ground in dissatisfaction, unfit to trust it was just for nothing.

The Genuine Millennium star

All of a sudden, Tumble starts shining and his dice makes a beeline for uncover a little white star. He clarifies he is the genuine Millennium Star, and was viewing the player the entire time. Subsequent to restoring the palace and the grounds to its ordinary state, he guarantees the player he will make them the whiz of the universe. Virus Free Mario Party 3 romThe credits roll. The last scene, set before the stronghold, is Mario lying on a collapsing seat, Luigi and Peach are conversing with each other close-by, and Donkey Kong is sitting close to the three simply viewing.

In the back, Wario and Waluigi are clearly contending, Daisy is sitting and watching the butterflies, and Yoshi is in the far back pursuing a butterfly. The end scene is a table with a container with the words “Mario Party” on it. A kick the bucket (an indistinguishable shading from Tumble’s head) is tossed onto the table and “END” shows up on the lower right corner.


Much the same as Mario Party 2 improved the situation Mario Party, Mario Party 3 Rom referenced and took tricks from Mario Party 2’s sheets to use in its own sheets. For instance, Waluigi’s Island utilizes the fundamental trick from Space Land, alongside a contrivance from Luigi’s Engine Room from Mario Party; in one island, when an aggregate of 5 Happening Spaces have been arrived on, all players will lose the greater part of their coins (Space Land), and all islands and courses contain Red Warp Pipes that lead back to begin, at the Green Warp Pipe (Luigi’s Engine Room).


There are two modes in the Mario Party 3 Rom: the Duel Mode and also the Story Mode. Each of them has different approaches, which make the players use their abilities. Players can select the Duel Mode they want to play by choosing the red star in the fundamental menu. There needs to be two players for things to start. The goal is to vanquish the rival by assaulting them with accomplices.

Every player shows at least a bit of kindness gage, comprising of five portions. The amusement finishes when 20 turns end (when ’20 turns’ is chosen in diversion length). Or when one player’s heart guage is vacant. On the off chance that 20 turns have completed, the player with the most hearts is the champ. In the event that heart checks tie, at that point the player with the most coins wins, yet in the event that that consider likewise ties well, the match is a tie.

Players begin with one accomplice and can increase another (or supplant one) when they achieve their begin space, which likewise gives them ten coins. Accomplices are given to the player at arbitrary utilizing a roulette (on each third restore, the player gets a “Fortunate Roulette”, which moderates the roulette, enabling the player to all the more effectively get a coveted accomplice). In the event that a player can’t bear to pay the compensation, the partner(s) leave(s).

The Belltop

Amidst each board is Belltop, a mechanical toy. Each time a player passes him, the numbers on his cap goes around one. At whatever point the cap achieves 0, all players go to him and play a duel small scale diversion. After a player wins, the clock resets to 5.

In Story Mode, after a Battle Royale delineate, player’s character is going to get a Star Stamp when another character rises up out of the mansion and says they merit it. To settle this question, the two characters start a duel. Except for Waluigi, who challenges the character to his Battle Royale board, Waluigi’s Island). The champ gets the Star Stamp. (Note that Luigi’s board can be anybody aside from Backtrack)


People usually received Mario Party 3 Rom with positive reviews. It has a 74% rating from Metacritic, in light of 12 audits.  And a 73% from Game Rankings in light of 17 surveys. IGN gave it a 6.4 and GameSpot gave it a 7.5. In Japan, Famitsu magazine scored the diversion a 31 out of 40.

Mario Party 3 Rom got the 26th place in the Top games for Nintendo 26. It was  around 1.9 million duplicates: 1.02 million duplicates in Japan, 720,000 duplicates in North America, and 160,000 duplicates somewhere else, as of December 31, 2009.

The Mario Party 3 Rom likewise won the Console Family Award from the Academy of the Interactive Arts and Sciences of 2002. This is not an usual thing, so the fact that this title of the Mario Party series got it shows how amazing the gameplay is.

Incidental data

This is the main Mario Party titlet to include a Story Mode and smaller than normal recreations that could be opened and played whenever without acquiring them first. Even if, at first, it doesn’t seem like a big innovation, this was well received. This is the reason why it become a normal thing for the series.

On the amusement’s cover fine art and backdrop highlighting the whole cast of characters that have a case of a Battle Royale Board Map which depends on Chilly Waters, the spaces outlined are circle-formed like the past recreations, yet in the diversion they are octagon-molded.

After fizzling an Item minigame in the Japanese form, the commentator says “MISS!” with said word likewise on screen. The developers changed this in the North American, Australian, and European variants to state “Diversion OVER” rather, however holding the first storyteller’s voice recording from the primary amusement.

The direction manual inaccurately expresses that Thwomp has an assault detail of 2 rather than 0. Players need to keep this in mind.

As you know, this was the last game for Nintendo 64. With the exception of Australia, where that title goes to Paper Mario.

The Mario Party 3 is one of only a handful couple of games in which Mario talks in lucid sentences. This happens when he challenges the player for the Courage Star Stamp. This ia big moment and a very memorable one for all the Mario fans. And an additional reason for all of you who are reading this to get the rom today and start playing it. You will have a good time trying to beat it, with the help of Mario and his friends.

Download the free Mario Party 3 Rom today, if you want to enjoy the amazing adventure. Be ready to experiement a gameplay you will not forget and to play along characters you will love from the moment you meet them. Also, be careful at the ones who do not want to help you. The ones who want you to not succeed and not save the day.

We checked it for you and we can assure you that there are no viruses.. So, you can download it safely. If there are any bugs, please let us know in the comments below. If you appreciate the effort we’ve put into writing this article, then you can always Like it or share it on your favourite social networks. This will help us get more readers and this is a nice thing.

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