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There are some games which simply go to our hearts from the moment we begin playing them and they forget to get out of there. A case of this is Mario Party 2, a pretty old game you may say. In fact, we believe it is golden or a classic per say. All in all, it is something which you should play, even if it is the first time you hear about this name ( which is unlikely). There is no secret that you should also play the first title of this amazing franchise. It would be pretty odd to begin your adventure with Mario Party v2, instead of Mario Party, right? Yeah, that’s what we also thought. And this is the reason why we prepared this Mario Party ROM for you. After you finish reading this enjoyable article and you get the Mario Party 2 ROM, go there and download that ROM too. This way, you will have two amazing games to play.

We have to warn you that this article you are about to read will be pretty long. So, it would be a good idea to grab some popcorn or a snack. You may be wondering why we chose to write thousands of words about an old game. The reason is that it deserves. This game is something special and if you will get the roms from us you will see why. But enough with this. Below, you will read about everything there is to be known about the story and what you should expect. After the read or even before, you can use the Download button and get the files to start playing. Without further ado, let’s see what the fuss is all about.

Download the Mario Party 2 ROM

Download the Mario Party 2 ROM files

Mario Party 2 – The Game Changer

Mario Party 2 ROM is the spin-off of the first Mario Party for the Nintendo 64. Our Friendly Mario and the group are battling for the rights for another event congregation. The goal is basic and like the past Mario Party: acquire stars and thrashing Bowser. This amusement presents the principal utilization of collectible things in Mario Party’s history; the main diversion had things, yet they basically included discretionary principles or amusement modes to the diversion. Each board has its own traps and turns. And the playable characters, and also Bowser, wear diverse outfits in view of the subject of the board.


Every player will find different Fight, Item, and Duel minigames in Mario Party 2. Fight Minigames allow each player to win 70% of the loaded Jackpot taken from players. The best two get a 70/30 share, while the last two get nothing; the player gets a random coin. Moreover, players can never again lose coins in typical minigames. Additionally, the players now have the choice to rehearse minigames. This would later become a vital part in every single future portion.

Mario Party 2 is the primary Mario Party diversion discharged on the Virtual Console. It was first discharged on the Wii’s Virtual Console in Japan of November 2, 2010. The second Mario Party title to be discharged on Virtual Console is Mario Party DS. Now you got another reason to download the Mario Party 2ROM. If you want to do this, simply use the button above.


There are 65 smaller than normal amusements in Mario Party 2 rom. They are separated into four-player, one versus three, two versus two, and fight diversions. There are likewise six thing and duel smaller than usual amusements and also a unique one that can be opened. The kind of smaller than normal amusement is dictated by the shade of the spaces players arrive on. In the event that every one of the four players have a similar shading board, regardless of whether it’s red or blue, a four player small diversion starts.

On the off chance that two players have a blue board, and the other two have a red board. At that point it’s a two versus two smaller than expected amusement. In the event that one player has a blue board, and the others have a red board, or the other way around. At that point a one versus three smaller than usual diversion starts. In the event that a player arrives on a fight space, a fight small scale amusement starts.

Changed Goals

The smaller than usual diversions have changed goals. For instance, the goal of “Mecha Marathon” is to get your breeze up toy the furthest separation by over and again tapping A+B in the meantime.  A few smaller than expected diversions, (for example, “Cosmetic touch up” utilizing the primary characters rather than Bowser) have been altered and exchanged or potentially additionally retitled from the main Mario Party. Albeit many are indistinguishable,Free Mario Party 2 rom some have distinctive goals as well as change appearance somehow.

An illustration is space auto derby, which has another foundation. Smaller than normal amusements that include turning the control stick, which were in the first Mario Party, are absent in this portion because of potential wounds, for example, rankles, from pivoting the stick too rapidly; this was the subject of a claim on account of the main diversion.

A character runs over a few chances to either purchase, win, or take things. Such things incorporate mushrooms, skeleton keys, money boxes, and others. For instance, the red mushroom enables a player to hit the dice piece twice and move the entirety of the numbers in spaces. On the off chance that a player rolls a similar number twice, he or she gets a reward of 10 coins. As needs be, moving three of a similar number with the brilliant mushroom brings about a 30 coin increment. Nonetheless, moving “7” three times brings about a 50 coin increment.

Bowser Land

The greater part of the playable characters from the first diversion are as yet accessible. However this time, they are altogether wearing outfits special to the load up players are playing on (aside from Bowser Land, on which they wear their typical clothing). Another new element of the diversion is the presentation of structures on the sheets: the Item Shop and the Koopa Bank, and in addition catalysts, for example, the “Red” and “Gold” mushrooms which enables players to move up to a few dice on the double.

All the board titles end with “arrive”, (ex. “Bowser Land”, “Space Land”, and so on.) and not at all like in the first, the victor is reported amid a cut scene in which the champ frustrates Bowser who bugs Koopa amid specific situations fitting to the board’s topic. Child Bowser additionally shows up and goes with the space where the area of the past star was and takes five coins from the player who cruises by, albeit now and then, he’ll once in a while compensate the player five coins.


Boo can take coins and stars from different players in the Mario as he did in the principal amusement. But not at all like in the primary diversion where taking coins was free. It now costs five coins yet not at all like in the main amusement he can take twice the same number of coins where in the first he could just take somewhere in the range of 1-20 coins. Taking stars still costs 50 coins as it did in the principal amusement. In the primary diversion, each of the eight amusement loads up included Koopa giving the players 10 coins each time they covered the load up. There are 20 coins inside the last five turns. However, they excluded this component from this division. Although, we have the special case where regardless of what happens on the Mini-Game Stadium, it loads up.

Mario Party 2 ROM additionally includes a few new spaces. With the “1-Player Mini Game” and “Mushroom” spaces from the primary diversion truant; the player also finds the Battle, Item, and Bank spaces. The Item space initiates smaller than usual amusements particular to the board that permit somebody an opportunity to gather a thing. This is currently used to advance players’ board methodology (instead of things being utilized to flip widespread settings in the principal diversion where certain things showed up arbitrarily amid the board gameplay mode).

The Battle

The Battle space triggers the recently presented Battle smaller than usual recreations, which sets players against each other for a goliath pot of coins with a 70/30 percent proportion share for the first and second place victors. The Bank space gives players who arrive on everything stores made in the Koopa Bank by others, who must store at least five coins (1-4 coins in the event that they have under five coins) in the event that they pass the space. One special case however happens on Bowser’s board. There, players will find switched standards: they passing the bank get five coins while the player arrival on the “Bank” space must pay back the aggregate adjust. When there are no coins available, the player loses a star.

Spic and Span Sheets

The Mario Party 2 ROM additionally includes six spic and span sheets and modes (counting Mini-Game Coaster. Those are similar to the first Mario Party’s Mini-Game Island.  That is where the player must beat a few small recreations crosswise over three, six, or even nine universes. He has to rely upon the trouble) The arrival of Mini-Game Stadium. Forty-three new smaller than expected recreations are in Mario Party 2. The old Mario Party little diversions have some new facilities and also new names. The persons who play Mario Party 2 ROM will find three new sorts of smaller than expected recreations: Battle little amusements, Item scaled down diversions, and Duel little amusements.

Likewise not at all like in the principal diversion, players never again lose coins on the off chance that they lose in a small scale amusement. When the majority of the picked measure of rounds on the chosen block are utilized, the aggregate number of mint pieces and stars both the human and PC players gathered amid the board. Then, the player will receive the smaller than expected amusaments in the coins bank. This is dissimilar to the first where just the human player(s)’ coins and stars were included. Likewise dissimilar to in the first, each star gathered both by the human and PC players is justified regardless of an extra 50 mint pieces, where in the first the player needed to gather 100 stars to open the last board “Endless Star”.


Mario Party 2 ROM opens on a phase where Toad turns out to welcome visitors and present the tale of the play. It is a relaxed way of beginning a new adventure.

One day Mario and companions (put something aside for Wario) choose to make another world. After they decide this, they start to think about the details revolving around this. The first thing they have to think about is a new name for this new land. After some long discussions, they manage to give it a proper name.  They name this new world Mario Land. In any case, Wario is miserable with that name, and presents his own name; Wario Land. On account of Wario, a contention breaks out on what to call this new world. Peach abruptly intrudes on the gathering guaranteeing she has a name they would all be able to concede to. She uncovers her name to be Peach Land. As the gathering keeps on argueing, an evil occasion is occurring on the opposite side of the anonymous world.

Bowser has set his sights on this new land. He rapidly starts attacking it for himself in light of the fact that the gathering is as yet contending. A solitary Koopa Troopa sees his intrusion and after that lands to caution the gathering about Bowser’s designs. Be that as it may, since they are battling they don’t hear him. Frog at that point stands out enough to be noticed.  He says whoever can beat Bowser will have the new land named after them. The cast rapidly keeps running off to crush Bowser and claim their prize.

Six Terrains

The story at that point takes the characters crosswise over six terrains finishing off with Bowser Land. Bowser meets the gathering in a confrontation demonstrating his Metal Bowser control up and asserts he is strong. The character (contingent upon who won the board) at that point battles Bowser. Using the energy of the stars, can toss him into space.

The diversion at that point resumes to the stage design with Mario and companions triumphantly remaining over a crushed Bowser. Frog shouts that they live in peace in the new Mario Land (which does not change contingent upon the character). The window ornament falls and each character turns out for one last bow, trailed by the entire cast.

Playable characters in Mario Party 2 ROM

Mario Party 2 highlights six playable characters, an indistinguishable sum from its antecedent. This is the main Mario Party amusement where characters dress as indicated by the subject of the board. You will find some popular characters, such as Mario, Super Mario, his brother, Luigi, Princess Peach.


You are able to purchase things at some certain things shop in Mario Party 2 ROM. The offer of the shop fluctuates with the quantity of turns played and the present rank of the player. The player will additionally secure things by playing thing minigames. A player can just hold one thing at any given moment here. In future portions, the player will held more items, typically 3. In Bowser Land, there is a shop keep running by Koopa Kid. This character will compel the player who go before it to purchase a thing on his decision at a higher cost. It can be Mushroom for 12 coins, Skeleton Key for 12 coins, Warp Block for 17 coins. Then, Bowser Suit and Bowser Bomb (which are normally absurd by means of shopping) for 12 coins each.


Mario Party 2 ROM got for the most part positive audits from commentators. They applauded its augmentations to the first amusement’s establishment. This acclaim, however, was to some degree balance by the unaltered recipe from the main amusement. Specifically, the to some degree vital factor of fortunes and absence of delight playing alone.

GameSpot gave the diversion a 7.8/10, expressing that it has significantly more replay an incentive than the past amusement. And that the minigames are considerably less irritating. IGN evaluated the diversion 7.9/10 (a similar score they gave the principal amusement), saying that while the amusement had more substance. They also stated that it “stays with a similar winning formula.  It also stated there truly isn’t sufficient new here to warrant another buy.”

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Nintendo of America sent the gaming magazine Game Informer a mocking authentication over the distribution’s negative audit of Mario Party 2 and its predecessor. Mario Party 2 is the twentieth top of the line amusement for the Nintendo 64. It has sold 2.5 million duplicates around the world. 1.27 million in North America, 1.07 million in Japan, and 160,000 somewhere else, as of December 31, 2009.

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