Heroes War Hack and Cheats 100% Working

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Here is the Heroes War hack and cheats 100% working trainer for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS bycrack7.com that will give you free unlimited Neo Stones, gold, treasure keys, stamina, recovery potions and revival potion. This trainer is highly recommended and the best hack tool to get generate NeoStones and Gold to purchase the best available Heroes and equipment in the Shop.

Heroes War Hack and Cheats 100% Working

Game Features:
  • Help Sylvia discover and defeat enemies.
  • Evolve, train and power-up your heroes.
  • Get Gold from battles!
  • Do special missions to learn background stories of each of your heroes.
  • Hunt powerful monsters with your friends’ help.
  • Loot special equipment to make your heroes stronger.
  • Challenge other players or even your friends to prove you are stronger.
  • Get high score to top the rankings.
  • Train Heroes to make them level up.
  • Assemble heroes you can use in battles.
  • Complete quests to get Gold and Neo Stones.
  • Recruit skilled heroes on your team.
  • Power-up heroes and equip them with rare items to give your team an extra boost.
Heroes War Hack and Cheats 100% Working
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