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Goat simulator: MMO simulator is the game you want to play!
  You  control a mad goat ( awesome ) and help your hero with horns experience many fun adventures in medieval world. It is an addictive game! In this game for Android and iOS you’ll be able to prove that the goat can do a lot of things even in the world of magic.( and basically, you have to prove that you are a good player ). After all you control not an ordinary goat, but a hero representing a class like magician, hunter, and even microwave. Explore a vast world, hunt strange animals using incredible skills of your goat. Collect valuable loot, trade, and purchase useful equipment. Are you ready for this?
Screenshots of the Goat simulator: MMO simulator for Android tablet, phone.

Game features:

  • 5 character classes
  • Many tasks
  • Wide locations
  • Character progression
  • Play with friends 

If you want to get this free Goat simulator MMO simulator, press the Download button below:


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