Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom

Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom

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Trainers from all across the globe, please pay attention to what we have to say. We got it! We finally got it! And we will give it to you. If the title has not spoiled the surprise yet, then we will tell you that we got the pokemon rom you want. It is the newest game for 3DS and you should really play it. We are talking about the Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom. Now, it is the time to see Pikachu as something more than just a simple pocket monster. And this game is here to help you do this.

Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom

What is Detective Pikachu?

Detective Pikachu is an amazing game developed for the Nintendo 3DS console family. As the name suggests, the star of the entitre game is no other than the Pikachu we all love. Well..sort of. We are not refering to Ash’s Pikachu or any other known Pichu evolution. This yellow rat which plays an important role in this new 3DS game is new. And it has some characteristics which make it be different from all the other Pikachu we’ve seen so far.

Basically, Detective Pikachu is a spinoff, in which you play as a character whose trustful partner is a Pikachu which can talk. Yes, you read that very well. This Pikachu, which you can also play with if you get the Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom can use words. It is a private detective, which will need to solve the biggest pokemon mistery.

The game first appeared in Japan and this is normal, giving the fact that the Pokemon franchise started here. This happened a while ago. Basically, in 2016, japanese fans were able to team up with this special Pikachu and start getting clues to solve the mistery. But fear not! Now, everybody will be able to get Pikachu as their partner in solving crimes. The game launched worldwide in March 2018. So, all the pokemon trainers will be able to get their copy and start the adventure. It will take them to places they never knew existed and they will discover big clues. All those together with their trustful partner, which we all love.

Get the Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom

If you really want to test the game faster than everybody else, then we got you. We give you the possibility to play the game. Now, for those of you who do not know what a rom is, we will tell you. A rom is basically a way for you to play the games you want on other platforms than the ones they were intended for. Let’s take this game as an example. Detective Pikachu is a game developed for the Nintendo 3DS console. Basically, you can only play it if you have such a console at home. The reality is that this is not true. if you use the Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom we provide, you will be able to play the game even on your PC. This is the good thing about a rom: it can be played on a lot more platforms.

Now, that you know what it is, you should use the Download button above and get it right away. We do not know for how long we will be able to keep it live, so you should grab it while you can. In the next part of the article, we will talk about the story of the game. We will try to not give spoilers, but at the same time we will give you enough details to know the big story. Sounds fun, right? If you appreciate the effort we’ve put into writing this and into giving you the rom, share the article. It will help us see that we did not work for nothing.

Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom
Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom

Detective Pikachu’s story

So, the Pikachu we will get as a partner is not as powerful as the others from its species. But it has other qualities. It can talk, it posess a great intelligence and it claims that he also has some skills that make it a great detective. It does not entrust a lot of people, except Tim Goodman.

Their adventure begins with the hunting of two Aipom who were troublesome. They were stealing jewelry. The first Aipom had some ketchup on its hands and the second had white paint. The duo follows those two until they stop at a fountain. Here, Pikachu and Tom see that near one of the bad Pokemon there is a black feather. They start looking for a Pokemon with this type of feather, as part of their investigation. It does not take long enough for them to find out that the feather belongs to a Murkrow. After some deduction,  they learn that some Burmy has stolen a necklace from the Aipom who initially stole it. The case then ends with thw two returning the piece of jewelry which belongs to a girl.

But do you think this is all?Nope. If you get the Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom from us, this will be only the first case you will work at. After their first successful case, the two go to Pikachu’s house. Later on, Tim Goodman finds out that Pikachu can’t use any moves, so they need to reply only of their intelligence to solve crimes and stop thieves.

Soon enough, another case begins, as the two find an oddly looking Glalie. This is different from the other Pokemon of its species, because it has red eyes. This one goes on a rampage without any reason. When they confront it, they are outpowered, but they had some luck.

But this is not the only Glalie they find. In a park, they see a normal Glalie, with blue eyes, playing with a Drifloon. At a given moment, Glalie falls to the ground and suddenly its eyes change colour. They became red, just like the first Glalie. This second Pokemon begins shortly after the eye change to fire off powerful Ice Beam attacks.

So, basically, the mistery is why do those Pokemon has so suddenly their eyes change? What causes this bad behaviour? There are a lot of questions and the answers seem to not be around. This is why you need to come into play, using the Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom.

Detective Pikachu development

As we’ve told you at the beginning of this article, the game came out in Japan. This was the first country in which the poke trainers were able to solve the misteries. After a lot of talking, the Japanese version was released on February, 3, 2016. Then, two years later, in March 2018, it was released for the other Pokemon trainers from all across the globe. If you really want the Pikachu Amiibo figure, you need to buy the game.

Detective Pikachu movie

The game was so successful in Japan and worldwide than the creators thought that a movie will be good. So, yes, there will be a movie. So, we think that you should really get the Detective Pikachu 3DS Rom.

Now, guys, this would be it. Now you know what the story is about. Go get the pokemon rom if you want to be another universe’s Ash, together with his Pikachu. By the way, below, there is a trailer for the game, if you want to watch it. Pikachu to the rescue!

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