Pokemon Go Download

Pokemon Go Download
You are a pokemon fan, aren’t you? This is a good thing, because this article was written for you. We are giving for free an app which you are waiting for. If the title hasn’t spoiled the surprise already, we’ll tell you the title: Pokemon Go. Yes, indeed. The awesome app which will come next year to Android and iOS devices. You will be amoung the first users to test the app and see if it is indeed as great as it seems. Basically, you have the opportunity to download Pokemon Go right now. Sounds good? It gets better.
The game is simply amazing. It has the best design and *drums* the Pokemon actually seem real! You don’t even have to believe us, just go below, press the Pokemon Go Download button and see it for yourself! You will be amazed. It will be lots of fun and you’ll make new friends, for sure!
Just imagine: you are sitting in your bed, lazy and you find out that a Mewtwo is in your town. You dress up, open the Pokemon Go app, eat and then go out, in an adventure! Using the app and your pokemon, of course, you’ll fight the legendary pokemon and if you are good enough, you’ll be the one to catch the legend.
If you want to be the best, like no one ever was, you have to download Pokemon Go from below first. Then, you should test it and get used to it. After this, you are ready. You will see various pokemon and you will have the chance to catch them all. But it depends on you and your partner pokemon if you are prepared. There is only a way to find out if you are good enough: press the Pokemon Go Download button from below and get the app!
We all know that people behind Pokemon appreciate the social part of the game and they always put some effort to make it easier for you, your friends and your rivals to battle. But right now, with Pokemon Go they are taking the social function to a whole new level. It will be very easy to go hunting with your best friends and have battles with your rivals. The battles will be intense and you will experience them if you download Pokemon Go from below. You will have it in just seconds! There aren’t any hard things. Just read the whole article to know what you should know about this app. Then, simply say to yourself: “I wanna be the very best” and localise the Pokemon Go Download button from where you’ll be able to get what you always wanted, pokefan!
If the smartphone’s battery is finished, you won’t have to worry, because together with the Pokemon Go app, you’ll have the Pokemon Go Plus, a device designed to look like a smartwatch. It will basically help you continue the adventure and don’t miss a thing.
Pokemon Go Download
If we think about it a little, this is something we all wanted ever since Pokemon came into our lives, right? I mean, while we were first experiencing Pokemon on the GameBoy, we were thinking “What if I would be able to catch Pokemon in the yard?”. And now, with Pokemon Go, we are able to do this. I think this will make you so excited that you won’t have to ask any questions. You will finish reading this article and then you will download Pokemon Go right away. Are we right? We think we are, but it is up to you. Basically, if you will decide that you are not ready for it, then this article is just an informative article for you. Thanks to it, you know that the app exists and that it is awesome enough to be downloaded. And if you decide that you want it, simply press the Pokemon Go Download button from below.


Pokemon Go Free Download

Pokemon Go Free Download

 *UPDATE* The Beta Version of Pokemon Go is available! Get it from the button below:

It will work for sure!
Pokemon Go is the newest Pokemon game! Well, not exactly a game, but an app for both iOS and Android devices.  Are you ready? Well, I’m not. But until it will officialy come out, here are some words about it from the official Pokemon site:

Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO for iPhone and Android devices! With Pokémon GO, you’ll discover Pokémon in a whole new world—your own! Pokémon GO will use real location information to encourage players to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokémon.
The Pokémon video game series has used real-world locations such as the Hokkaido and Kanto regions of Japan, New York, and Paris as inspiration for the fantasy settings in which its games take place. Now the real world will be the setting!
The Pokémon video game series has always valued open and social experiences, such as connecting with other players to enjoy trading and battling Pokémon. Pokémon GO’s gameplay experience goes beyond what appears on screen, as players explore their neighborhoods, communities, and the world they live in to discover Pokémon alongside friends and other players.
You can watch the video at the top of the page to better understand the Pokémon GO experience.
A small device called a Pokémon GO Plus will enable Pokémon GO players to enjoy the game even when they’re not looking at their smartphone. The device connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and notifies the player about events in the game—such as the appearance of a Pokémon nearby—using an LED and vibration. In addition, players can catch Pokémon or perform other simple actions by pressing the button on the device. Pokémon GO Plus is being developed and manufactured by Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Pokemon Go Free Download
Pokémon GO is being developed by Niantic, Inc. Originally founded by Google Earth co-creator John Hanke as a start-up within Google, Niantic is known for creating Ingress, the augmented reality mobile game that utilizes GPS technology to fuel a sci-fi story encompassing the entire world. Ingress currently has 12 million downloads worldwide.
Niantic, Inc., The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo Co., Ltd., will all contribute to the Pokémon GO project.
Furthermore, Junichi Masuda of Game Freak Inc., the game director of the Pokémon video game series, is also contributing to the project. He is hard at work ensuring that the fun of Pokémon makes its way into this new project, and is also looking to come up with new kinds of gameplay while thinking of ways to connect this project with the main series of Pokémon video games.
Pokémon GO will be available for download at no charge on the App Store and Google Play. In-app purchases will be available.