Blade and Soul private server 2018

Blade and Soul private server 2018

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Blade and Soul is by far one of the most played and appreciated MMORPG at the moment. Its popularity has been hugely increased by the beautiful design of the world your character lives in and the epic story you have to go through. Now, if you need a Blade and Soul private server, you are where you should be.
Are you searching for a nice way to spend your time ? Do you want an adventure with never-before-seen characters and quests? Then Blade and Soul is your game! And if you want to be a better player, the Blade and Souls Hack we provide is ideal. Just use the Download button below and get yours today.

Blade and Soul private server 2018

One of its best options which many fans appreciate is QingGong, the Flying animation. This feature, along with the plot multiple twists of the story brings this game in the top percentage of online games.
If you want to download Blade and Soul for free, you have come to the right place!

Blade and Soul Story

But first, I’ll tell you even more awesome things about this game, just in case you haven’t decided to download the game from us yet. It retains the classic part of the story when the master of your character is killed and you seek for revenge, going on an adventure by yourself, but meeting in your way friends and foes and making the road much more interesting. In ancient North Korea, where the game takes place nothing is what it seems.

Blade and Souls Hack

Who, at first is a friend is revealed to be an enemy later on ! But you have to get up and keep going, staying strong. Only with your Blade and Soul Hack you can win the fight ! Expert gamers tell that this game is a combination of other popular titles, like Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry, taking all the good parts from all of them. Sounds good?

Be prepared for something different and much more interesting. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, the world you are about to enter is beautifully designed and with the high quality physics and sound provided, everything is as it should. Your experience will be amazing, if you take your free Blade and Soul copy from us.

You are good at MMORPGs in general and think this game is a piece of cake? You are wrong ! Why? Because you won’t meet bosses making you think of a déjà vu when you see them or which you can kill with only one slice of your blade. Also, the difficulty of the gameplay is higher, because of the absence of the healer class. So, you have to depend on your own pocket to get health back. No one will help you in this situation.

Blade and Soul private server

The customization of the characters is another plus for Blade and Soul. Four races to select from.Customizable eyes, height, chest, pupils and more. Three dozens of costumes to choose from. That is all you need to know. What else could you possibly want?

The ability of making a  Blade and Soul private server is one of the most used facilities of the game. Even if you are the most social person ever, sometimes there are people you don’t want to see, not even in an online game !

Let’s say you are good, maybe better or the best in this MMORPG. You use your Blade and Soul to kill douzens of bosses, fight millions of players from all across the world and get revenge for the murder of your master. (Yup, this is the story, if you didn’t know), but suddenly, in your quest you meet a  not-so-nice-character. And not only once, but time after time. Maybe that person who is driving the character wants to learn from you or something like that, but you simply don’t want to teach something. But, not being your game and you not being the owner makes you unable to just delete that person and continue your adventure. It is frustrating, isn’t it ?

Do you want a Blade and Soul private server?

If you are tired of those awkward moments, there is a simple solution: create a Blade and Soul private server ! Yes, make your own place, with your own rules.  You can choose what to add, what do to and when to do. First of all, you can add only the people you want, your friends or the persons you want to compete with. Then, maybe in the general game, there are some quests you find unattractive, uninteresting or boring, in a nutshell. You can remove those and bring the episodes you like and are good in. After that, maybe you don’t like all the four races which you find in the game and want to add some challenge to the table, removing one, two or even three of them. Those are only some minor advantages you get by making your own and person Blade and Soul private server.  You can find the others by downloading our free patch.

Do you want Blade and Soul private files?

Very important in creating your server are the private files. The Blade and Soul private files are a little harder to get. Without them, you can’t do many of the actions mentioned earlier. This is why you should get the things we provide in this article. You will see that they are pretty useful. So, do not lose time.

Many say that making a perfect private server of Blade and Soul is hard. Well, it is…if you aren’t using our free patch. Searching by yourself all the good Blade and Soul private files for your server may drive you crazy, so we don’t recommend it. But let’s say you Somehow managed to get them but don’t know how to add them to your server. Don’t worry, in our patch, you can find all the steps in how to make a Blade and Soul private server.  There, you can find all you need to know, from the very beginning to the end. An ebook explaining everything, a video tutorial for those of you who don’t like reading, how to make your server popular, tips and tricks and, of course all the Blade and Soul private files.

By downloading our patch, made especially for our site you’ll become an ideal host and your server will become a place where players will want to come again, for sure! If you appreciate the effort we’ve put into this, then you know what you need to do: share this article on your favourite social networks. Yes, this is all it takes to thank us. Until next time, see ya!

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