2048 Game Tips and Tricks

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2048 game tips and tricks
2048 game tips and tricks

We want to thank you for coming by. This article will feature some useful tips and tricks for the popular game 2048. We hope that those will help you have a better gaming experience and also get high scores.

  1. Use the corners!

The thing is that you have to keep your highest value tile in a corner. It doesn’t seem easy, because it is not. You need a little bit of practice, and after you master it, you’ll see how helpful it is to do it this way. You know the king’s place, right?  You won’t want the highest value tile to leave it. For this, you’ll have to pack tiles around it. This is a simple and powerful strategy to use, if you want a good score. Without a strategy, there are 100% chances to get a low score…But with a simple twist like this, you are able to score 1024 or even 2048 and be the best among your friends.

2.  Patience, grasshoper, patience!

This may sound ridiculous, but just think about it. If you just go ‘Waaaaghh” swiping left, swiping right, you will not have a high score. You will lose your time, because even if it is just an app, you need to think every move in advance. we think is is the most valuable thing from this 2048 game tips and tricks list.

2048 game tips and tricks
2048 game tips and tricks


3. If you see that you can merge multiple tiles, do that first!

It will help you a lot if you listen to this. You will free some space, which you can use later for better moves. Let’s see an example. If you have a situation like this one from below:

2048 game tips and tricks
2048 game tips and tricks


See, right there where we have three tiles with the 2 value? Get rid of them, free the space and you’ll bring in a whole new level of flexibility.

Boys and girls, those were some 2048 game tips and tricks which we hope that will help you become a better player and have high scores.

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